Sunday, February 15, 2009


For the first time in my life, I have taken to my heart, this is such a beautiful time. This is a month to reflect on afro-american forefathers. A month that many will celebrate throughout our nation. I am proud by nature, but the feeling of being an afro-american has become more sincere. I think of what it took our culture to become as who we are today. Althouhg it was then, it remains to be a reflection of me. I find myself searching for movies reflecting back on past times in America, when things weren't so great for afro-americans. I want a deeper understanding on the actions that took place, that remain in a memory for someone to want to write about it and in many events make a movie. It has become more of a discussion with others, but not reflecting so much on the negative. But, the postive that came from the sufferings. People that were oppressed, yet strong willed and determined to have a better life. The instinct of intelligence to become inventors even though many were deprived of learning to read and write. Education wasn't allowed for them to have, that made them want it more. A tool that would strengnthen their understanding. The movie Men of Honor, a man struggling to pass an obstacle course to become a Navy Seal. When asked" why do you want it so bad", he said, "because they don't want me to have it". He endured more to become a Navy Seal, but, he became one.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


It's a new day and a new year and I have a different outlook on life. I've grown and matured, I am not the same. My thinking has been renewed and suddenly I have a different outlook on where I'm going and how I plan to get there. I took some time out for me and what a refreshing it has made. Am I always right? No. There are many mistakes I've made. All my judgments have not been correct.
Is there anyone perfect? We are a flawed species, we don't always get it right the first time. Before a new born baby learns to walk, it stumbles and falls. Never stopping because of a land on the floor, but getting back up to try it again. Determined to make it happen. I have learned to deal with my frustrations differently.

What does it take to get a person to see, whom may feel their vision is clear? Self deliverance fortifies the soul. I am no longer in a hurry. I can't rush the future because timing has it's place. I've redirected my energy to where it matters.
Life is puzzling, trying to make the pieces fit. Should you go this way instead of that way, isn't always the question, just hoping to survive at whatever is thrown at you. My concern is not what your are doing, I long to make things better.