Saturday, April 11, 2009

In the Moment

If I could be any place right now, I'd be here. Relaxing and listening to the sounds of the ocean, dwelling on the sounds of nature, echoing closely. Taking in the fresh comfortable breeze off of the water and yes, the day is sunny with temperature degrees at exactly 81.

My thoughts would be deep, reflecting on how life has been good to me. Indeed there's been a lot of rough times, but God has brought me through it. When the going got tough, somehow I managed to find the strength to go on. Hoping to make it through when there was no relief in sight. I've had my hopeless moments, but thank goodness, I can wake up to a new day.

I appreciate being loved and cared about and for the support system that I have. When in doubt, the energy of it makes me feel that I can make it. I know the strength is none of my own, but of the superior power that I don't take for granted.
So, when I'm faced with an obstacle, I reflect on the trials that God has already delivered me from, I look forward, I don't look back, and I manage make it.

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