Sunday, March 1, 2009



Should I mind what bothers me so much?

I'm in a place in my heart, where things don't feel so right. If I were to stay home in my world, it wouldn't affect me as much. But, I'm not a hermit. I'm caring and outgoing. And by nature, at times I want to be around others. The hearts of many has become undesirable. I was once told, when something doesn't feel right, it isn't right. I'm bargaining with myself with the adjustments I have to make for me. I don't ask for much. I'm grateful for Christ and my family, they are my refuge. I'm warming, yet different, and I require my space. There is a time for everything. I tell myself, time goes by fast, in just a few months, it won't even matter. I'm trying to deal with this rationally, if I could just be left alone.

Don't take a meek approach for weakness. Perhaps it's the manner of being polite.

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  1. I am so glad the Lord has put me and my blog in the right place at the right moment for you. He has a funny way of doing that you know. I pray that whatever is weighing your heart down you will realize that once you hand it over to God and believe He has control there is no need to worry. God bless you sister. Mama Cat